Saturday, June 19, 2010

Heading South

Well, we’ve got everything done we needed at Anderton, so now we’re off, destination Sharpness on the Bristol Channel, 150 miles and 75 locks away.
We’ve a couple of things to do on route, Ed’s going to repair our heating boiler, and we’ve a (hopefully successful) Boat Safety Scheme examination at Nantwich. Then it’s all systems go.

The weather has been a bit mixed. Cool days under cloudy skies with a brisk northerly, then warm days when the wind drops and the sun comes out. Yesterday we had heavy showers around lunchtime.

Aren’t mushrooms amazing. This one wasn’t there before the rain.
I don’t think we’ve been in Anderton in the summer before. There’s a lot more green stuff around at this time of year.Meg swimming is something you don’t see very often, it must have been warm!
Today we had a steady cruise around Northwich, ending up moored at the flashes near Whatcroft.

I thought it’d be busier here.
There are a few more boats in this popular spot now.

A couple of stories in today’s Mirror…. A guy gets 12 weeks suspended for brutally killing a swan, and another gets fined £100 for fly tipping after leaving a couple of pot plants in a car park for a friend to collect.
Is the law an ass? You decide.

Locks 0, miles 5½

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