Saturday, October 09, 2010

Two days, three navigations.

Yesterday morning we were on the Soar, the other side of Loughborough, this afternoon we’re on the Trent and Mersey, near Shardlow.

Dry but cool is the best description for the weather, there’s been a bit more wind today than yesterday, but it’s still not bad for the time of year.

We had a stop/start day yesterday after leaving the Millers Bridge moorings. First was 2 trips to B&Q, handily just through the hedge and across the road from the canal. Then we turned down into the basin for a visit to Tesco to top up the larder, finally at Bishop Meadow Lock we filled and emptied the appropriate receptacles. Though I suppose this doesn’t really count, as we had to stop for the lock anyway.

Heading out of Loughborough, looking back at the Albion Inn.
We fetched up at Zouch, mooring just below the bridge before the lock. If we’d gone through, we’d have been mooring right behind Mo and Ness on NB Balmaha, but we didn’t know this until Ness came along the towpath to see if we’d arrived.
We took up an invitation for a brew, a spent a pleasant couple of hours catching up with the news. Although we’ve spotted each other a couple of times this year, we’ve always been travelling in opposite directions. We still are, but at least this time we were moored up!

We got off just before 10 this morning, shouting our goodbyes to Mo and Ness as we went past.

See you next year!

There was a lass walking 3 dogs on the towpath towards the lock, carrying something odd. Closer inspection revealed a pair of Black Headed Caiques!
“They enjoy a walk in the fresh air” she said, “snacking on berries as we go along”. They’d probably enjoy a fly in the fresh air more, but maybe only the once…..

Parrot walking.
Zouch Lock was the first today, and set the scene. All of them today were in our favour.

Zouch Lock
There was a boat just about to exit Kegworth New Lock with another waiting to go up as we came down, and with the water at normal levels Kegworth Shallow was open at both ends.

More good fortune as we approached Ratcliffe Lock. Two boats just leaving.

Near Ratcliffe Lock
You know you’re getting near the Trent when Ratcliffe Power Sation dominates the view….
Out past the moorings and marina at Redhill, another chance to covet one of the riverside properties below the ridge which gives this spot it's name……

And you keep left to avoid the large Thrumpton Weir.

Thrumpton Weir
(Hugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub). I always remember the Trumpton Firemen when we go past here.
They don't make 'em like they used to....

We turned left at the junction now pushing upstream on the Trent. There’s a Scout outdoor pursuit centre just along here, so the river was busy with dinghies, kayaks and Canadian style canoes.

Busy, busy, busy.
A bit of care was required, I think there were some novices out on in the water…..
Once again our luck held as we came up to Sawley Locks. A boat was ready to go up in the left hand one of the pair and waved us in to join them.

Leaving Sawley Locks.
Then it was the cruise past the moorings on Sawley Cut before going through the open flood lock and back onto the river proper.

Looking back under the M1 bridge, Sawley weir and Sawley church spire in the background.
No drama today as we crossed Derwent Mouth where the River Derwent completes it’s journey down from the Dark Peak in Derbyshire. It has been dammed to create three large reservoirs in the Peak District, which were used during WWII to practice for Operation Chastise, popularly known as the DamBusters Raids.

Crossing Derwent Mouth. The Derwent comes in from the right, the Trent comes in from the left and the Trent and Mersey Canal is straight on.
The last lock today took us officially back onto the canal system.

Derwent Mouth Lock, Lock 1 of the Trent and Mersey Canal.
We moored just up from the lock, there’s a nice wide grass towpath here, and Armco to hang on to. It’s been busy this afternoon, mostly Canaltime boats from Sawley setting off on their holidays.

Over the 2 days, locks 7, miles 13.


Anonymous said...

That sound like a big day's cruising - interesting too.

These dry days are such a gift at this time of the year....

Sue, Indigo Dream

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Sue
It would have been one long day, at least by our standards. As it was we made it 2 gentle ones....
Hope Lou's news was good.

Derek and Dot said...

ETA Mercia approx 20th, would love to catch up again.
Dot and Derek Nb Granny Buttons (tongue in cheek)