Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back to Cranfleet

There was quite a bit of activity this morning as I jogged around the long rowing lake at the National Water Sports Centre. The centre is right alongside the lock, with the canoe slalom course just over a grassy bank from the moorings.

It turned out that today was a British Canoe Union white water event, so that was why there were so many folk about.

The slalom course
A bit wet!
We got away from Holme Lock at around 10, heading back to Nottingham. It was quiet on the river, but there were a few boats pottering about on the Nottingham and Beeston Canals through the city.

The entrance to the Grantham Canal, near the Notts Forest ground. This is another canal with an ongoing restoration campaign.

Heading away from Meadow Lane Lock. Mower World on the right, London Road on the left.
It’s a shame the city council don’t provide step ladders under the bridges. Vomie (or is it Vomit?) and his crew would have far more space to work with….

Under Clifton Boulevard
We had a quick stop at Sainsburys on the way through, then went back up onto the river at Beeston Lock.

Beeston Lock
Out on the Trent. Ratcliffe Power Station is on the horizon.

There are quiet a few riverside weekend properties on the south bank of the river towards Cranfleet.

Some are rather impressive…..
Some slightly less so.
The river must have been a good 8 foot up to dump this log here.

We left the river again on the short Cranfleet Cut, then moored after the lock.
It’s been a fine, mainly sunny day, but there’s been a cool breeze out on the water. Still, can’t complain. The clocks go back tomorrow morning….

Locks 4, miles 12

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