Thursday, October 07, 2010

Purposeful Cruising

For the last few weeks we’ve been aimlessly ambling, toddling up and down the Soar, meeting family at various places. But now we’re on the move properly again, heading north and east to North Cheshire. Unless anything changes we’ll be wintering up there, around Chester, Nantwich and Middlewich, with maybe a side-trip up the Llangollen if winter stoppages permit.

You could argue that we’ve not made a very good start though, just 2 hours today from Sileby to just outside Loughborough! Still, we’re in no rush.

The day started chilly and misty, but by late morning the sun was making itself known and it’s turned out a really pleasant day.

We’ve been lucky with the locks. (All4!) A boat was coming up Sileby Lock at 11:00, so we hastily turned around and took advantage of the full lock they left.

Arriving at Mountsorrel the lock was 3 parts full, so that didn’t take too long.

Mountsorrel Weirs, glistening in the sun.
There’s an extensive housing development just out of Mountsorrel. The guy who’s had his old butty in a backwater for years was not for moving out during the construction, and I think it’s unlikely he’ll be moving any time soon.

A little overgrown….

A gaggle of hounds enjoying the shallows.
Meg was just itching to go and join in!

Meadow Farm Marina and caravan site.We stayed here in our touring caravan several years ago. It was a lot quieter then....

We arrived at Barrow Deep Lock just as a couple of boats were leaving, so that was another full lock for us.

Good timing at Barrow Deep.
From here it was a short cruise along the wide river section to Pillings Lock, then along the cut a ways to Millers Bridge. We’re here for the night, then through Loughborough tomorrow, with a bit of shopping on the way.

I’ve been making a drop down table for the front well deck. It’s always been a bit of a porch, somewhere to hang wet jackets and dry the dog. But with the new cratch board and modified cover fitted, I’ve decided it’d be a nice place to sit of an evening. So I’ve had a good tidy up and chuck out, and there’s a lot more room. I’ll take some pics when it’s all done.

Locks 4, miles 5

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