Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Crackin’ Willows, Gromit!

Along the riverbank heading towards Mountsorrel there are several isolated willows standing close to the water’s edge. They all have split trunks, caused by the weight of the branches reaching out sideways.
Some have trunks bisected right down to the ground, but all seem to be in good health.

The drooping branches, having initially caused the damage, are now acting as props supporting the trees.
Oddly, on the far bank, trees of apparently the same species seem to be behaving as you would expect. I wonder if it’s to do with water availability? The ground on this bank is regularly inundated when the river floods.

We had a surprise visitor today. Maggie, from NB Forever Young came to say hi this morning. She’d read yesterday’s post and drove to Barrow to see if we were still there. We’d met before, but not had a chance to have a good chat. Made up for that this morning!

Canoes from the outdoor pursuit centre at Quorn Hall are frequent sights on this stretch of the river. They paddle up the navigation, then use the backwaters to return to base. This involves getting around or over the weirs. The instructors take the boats over, while the kids have to stand and watch. I bet they’d really enjoy it, but I suppose the Safety Elves would have a heart attack if they had a go.

Lining up
Going, going…..
No 2 follows on.

We finally moved out at around noon, cruising just a couple of miles to Sileby Mill where we bought some solid fuel then moored just above the lock.

Still no sign of them pesky Injuns….

Although there is that teepee at Mountsorrel….

The fine railway bridge which carries the conveyor from Mountsorrel quarry to the gypsum works above Barrow is being repointed.

Tidying up work.
There’ve not been many boats on the move today. Maybe the river levels are putting some folk off, the water is still on amber on the indicator boards.

Locks 2, miles 2¾

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