Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Damp but short….

That best describes today’s cruise. We left Mercia Marina in the rain, travelled to Stenson in the rain, tied up above the lock in the rain and then it stopped. Typical.
It still looked a bit gloomy, so we called it a day.

Mercia Morning
And Mercia Sunset.
We had a good weekend “oop north”. We had a chance to see Mags’ grand and great-grandchildren, met Bess the dog’s new pups…..

Aahh… 3 black and 2 golden labs.
And had a good time with friends Val and John, where we stayed for the two nights. Meg and Harry the Wire-Haired Dachshund got re-acquainted.

Two beautiful, clear and frosty mornings saw Meg and I up on the flanks of Ingleborough, enjoying the fresh air and fine scenery.

Whernside, the highest (at 2416 ft) of the Three Peaks.
Looking up Ingleborough.
View down towards Ingleton and Morecambe Bay
A frosty look up the River Doe valley
Mags had her checkup yesterday, and then her ‘flu jab. She feels the effects of the injection, it makes her a bit snuffly and weary the day after. Another reason we decided to have a short day today.
We’re heading back downhill to the Trent, aiming to join our mate Carol with NB Corbiere on a trip up the Erewash Canal.

I’m glad to see that HMS Astute is OK after the unfortunate episode on Friday. Though I don't know what all the fuss was about. We run aground pretty well every day! Then again, Seyella isn't worth around £1 billion! And we have to stick diesel in to make her go...

Locks 0, miles 1½

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