Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Passing visitors

We didn’t move today, but plenty of other boats have been out and about. Among them were Dot and Derek, temporarily on Andrew Denny’s NB Granny Buttons.

We were expecting them to come past at some point today, and heard the unmistakable sound of mooring pins being hammered in before 12 o’clock.

They were nearing the end of their delivery trip from Banbury up to Mercia Marina. In fact, they should be moored up there now. Andrew needed his boat bringing up, work commitments not allowing the time to do so himself, and the two D’s, now boatless, jumped at the chance. This will probably be their cruising swan-song.

We’ve met briefly before, at Great Haywood, but didn’t get the chance to have a proper chat. We made up for that this afternoon!
Over lunch we got to know them, and can see now why this couple are so well thought of in the cruising community. They’re going to be missed when they return home to NZ next year.

They arrived in one of today’s frequent showers, and left in one too.

Dot and Derek
At least they didn’t have much further to go.

Locks 0, miles 0

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