Friday, October 29, 2010

A short day….even for us.

We had a quiet night moored below Nottingham’s County Hall. Just the odd deedah as an emergency vehicle crossed the bridge behind us.

This morning, from across the river.
Today’s forecast was for rain, but it’s been dry although pretty windy.
We set off around 10, with just a short cruise downstream to Holme Lock. Carol was meeting friends there at 11:00.

On the left heading north are the old BW warehouses, built in the 50’s using concrete and little imagination. Functional they are, pretty they ain’t!

Cubist warehouses.This area was due to be developed as part of the Trent Basin scheme, with over 2000 new homes and retail and office space thrown in. The credit crunch has put it on hold, though.

Just a bit further downstream there’s the new River Crescent development. I think there’s a degree of art deco influence in the design.

River CrescentPrices for a 2 bed apartment start at £295k, but it’ll cost you close to a million for a penthouse with a river view.

More pleasing to the eye is the Georgian style of the next house.Now that’s more like it.

It only took about 45 minutes before we arrived at Holme Lock, and both boats were moored well in time for Carol’s visitors.

Holme Lock cut on the right, Colwick Sluice on the left.

Carol took her guests for a cruise up to Nottingham and back, we just took it easy, doing a few odd jobs that needed attention.

Locks 0, miles 2½

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