Saturday, August 30, 2008

Steady cruise to Willington

Well we fell foul of the queues again today, but only once. We left it until 11:15, hoping for a slackening in the stream of boats going past, but still joined the 6 boats already waiting for Branston lock.

In a pickle at Branston…
We got talking with the children from the hire boat behind us, and finished up with a potted history of the family! Apparently Dad wears a hat ‘cos he’s bald. I know how he feels…
I took an hour to get through the lock, and then we had a steady cruise to and through Burton on Trent. I was surprised (and pleased) not to encounter too many anglers. Last time we came through the town on a weekend we ran into a 1¼ mile fishing match.

The second and last lock of the day was Dallow, and is the last of the narrow locks on the canal heading east. It’s also the last we’ll see for a while, probably till Foxton.

Dallow Lock

Even swans have problems with adolescent offspring. Come on kids, still in bed and it’s gone lunchtime!
Another 4 and a bit miles took us to Willington, where we expected to find Carol. There was Corbiere, moored near the road bridge, but with no-one on board. It is so busy here we’ve had to go ½ mile to find a place to pull in. It’s a bit near the railway line, but in this village everywhere is! At least there’s a gap in the trees on the south side of the canal, so we’ve good TV reception.

I’ve had enough, Dad.
It’s been another fine dry day, starting overcast, but giving us sunny spells later. Pretty warm and muggy, there are thunderstorms forecast for tomorrow.

Locks 2, miles 7

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John F said...

We are coming over to narrow boat for a week in 2010, do you have a favorite area so far.