Friday, August 15, 2008

Farewells and Greetings, and another walk up Mow Cop

We wanted to catch up with Carol at Congleton before she left, so were away yesterday at 09:45.
As we were heading along the long straight past Buglawton I glanced over my shoulder and spotted a familiar cratch board behind us, and 2 figures on the towpath, one canine and one human. Completely Foxed had caught us up, after leaving Bosley locks earlier. Gloria was walking Jake, while Derek steered the boat. We had a towpath to boat chat as we cruised along, till we reached the aqueduct just before Congleton. Here they pulled in and we waved farewell, and then passed Carol doing a bit of rubbing down on the window frames on Corbiere.

Completely Foxed at Congleton Aqueduct.
We stopped for an hour or so at High Town for a visit to the shops, then pushed on down the canal.

The day wasn’t as bad as forecast suggested, with a sharp shower at around 13:00, then no more rain till late afternoon, which cleared to leave a fine dry evening.

Not a bad day….
Unfortunately it was not such a good day for Carol. She’d decided to repaint the roof edge that got spoiled by rain last week. Just before that 1 o’clock shower came by. So it’s ruined again.

She moved to the moorings at High Town and stayed there to wait for a visit from Sonja.

As we were approaching the moorings near Mow Cop we’d used on the way up, I was feeling a bit weary so we decided to stop here again. I was sat out reading in the afternoon sunshine, when, for the second time that day, Gloria and Jake came into view on the towpath. They’d decided not to stay at Congleton after all, and were as surprised to see us as we were them, expecting that we’d be down at Hardings Wood by now.

We had a very convivial evening sat on the towpath talking, with the dogs playing, sometimes involving me!

Going to the Dogs.

The forecast for today was good (for a change) so Gloria and I decided to take the dogs to the top of Mow Cop this morning. We had a fine walk, the dogs enjoying each other’s company and us enjoying the fine views from the top.

Dogs Playing
Meg Posing

Mow Cop Castle
And the Old Man of Mow. (The rock, not me!)
We got back down soon after lunch, and then Carol arrived, now on her own as Sonja had taken Laura back with her this morning. She’d brought with her 50-odd slot cars from the race track set up they’d bought, and spent the afternoon sorting through them, and checking that they worked.

We’ll move on tomorrow, apparently back to the normal showery weather. We’re hoping to get through Harecastle Tunnel and stop at Westport Lake, but we’ll see how we go.

Locks 0, miles 6

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