Monday, August 25, 2008

Escape from Great Haywood and a good read.

Yesterday morning I spotted NB Phyllis May again, moored near Tixall Wide. I was returning from a 10 mile run. They were heading back up to Stone shortly, so I arranged to meet up at the junction so I could get a copy of “Narrow Dog to Indian River”, Terry Darlington’s latest book. I ran back to Seyella, had a quick shower, grabbed Meg and walked back to Great Haywood junction. I was too late, they were back on the T&M and heading for Hoo Mill. So I chased after them, heading them off at the lock.

I’m glad I made the effort, I finished the book after we stopped today, and it’s easily as enjoyable as his first, “Narrow Dog to Carcassonne”. Well recommended.

We were getting a bit stir crazy at Great Haywood. Too many boats, too many towpath pedestrians and poor TV. So I made a visit to the Spar shop for a few more essentials, took Meg for a last pee, and we were underway at 13:20. By this time the morning rush had eased, and the evening rush hadn’t started.

We didn’t move very far; through Colwich Lock and another couple of miles to moor in the open near Taft Bridge.

Sunny at Colwich Lock
Open views and a nice wide towpath where Meg and I can sit out without being tripped or cycled over.

And it was worth sitting out when we stopped. Although it’s been breezy, it’s been warm and sunny. The best day for a while.

On the bank
Locks 1, miles 2¾

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