Sunday, August 10, 2008

Full Loos so off to Bosley

Friday was a fairly dry day and Carol had left me the keys to Corbiere, so I took the opportunity to refit the switches and voltmeter inside the rear hatch framing. Then rubbed down the roof edge paint contaminated by last Thursday night’s rain.

Switches, bilge pump buttons and voltmeter back on the hatch panel.
Yesterday was a wash-out, wet and windy, so no chance for any outside work. I spent a couple of hours fitted lock bolts to the drawers in the galley to prevent them flying open when we tilt if running aground…
The girls arrived back about 15:00, with Sonja’s daughter Laura but without Reg the cat. He’s spending a couple of weeks back in Shardlow. They’d been off to collect their latest business venture, a 6 lane slot car (Scalextric) racing track, fitted inside a 20 foot trailer, which can be towed to events like car rallies, race meetings and pretty well any other event where they’ll be grown up kids (like myself!) willing to pay a couple of quid to have a go. Should be good, I can’t wait to see it myself.
So now Carol wants to get back to Shardlow fairly quickly, so she can take advantage of the rest of the summer’s outdoor events.

We’re on our second loo tank, so decided to head off to Bosley today. We can do the “essentials” tomorrow at the top lock before heading down the flight. We had a couple of showers this morning but the weather cleared to give us a bright afternoon. The predominant feature was the wind, though, quite fresh from the south.

We left the girls behind, they’ll follow on later.

We had a stop at Bollington for groceries from the Co-op, and then had trouble getting unstuck from the wharf at Adelphi Mill with the wind pushing us back on again.

We continued on, through Macclesfield and on to just past Bridge 52, where we pulled over.

Snake Bridge No 29

It’s been a long day by our standards, 5 hours cruising!

Meg was glad to get off and into the bushes….

Just 200 yards behind us is NB Completely Foxed, with Gloria and Derek and Jake the dog. This is the couple we met at Higher Poynton a few days ago. I had a walk back for a chat while the dogs played.

Just the other side of bridge 52 are some private moorings, adjacent to a farm. I don’t think I’d want to be there though. Sheep and I don’t get along, since an unfortunate incident in North Wales while I was on a pony trekking holiday many years ago…

Sheepy Hollow?

We’ll drop down the locks tomorrow, and wait at the bottom for Carol to arrive, sometime in the next couple of days. Then I can help her down before we get on our way again.

Locks 0, miles 10½


Sue said...

"Sheep and I don’t get along, since an unfortunate incident in North Wales while I was on a pony trekking holiday many years ago"

Oh please tell all!!

Meg looks great btw


Geoff & Mags said...

Maybe when I've had one or two too many whiskys. The memory still makes me shudder....