Monday, August 11, 2008

Down Bosley Locks

We had an easy trip down Bosley Locks today. All but 2 of the 12 locks were set in our favour, with boats coming up all the while.

We set off at around 10:00, 1½ hours after Gloria and Derek on NB Completely Foxed. Stopped at the water point at bridge 53, then down to the top lock to do the loo tanks and get rid of the rubbish while dropping down the lock.

By 13:00 we were moored up, on the grass section below the 48 hour moorings. I had a chat with a chap selling fenders, as we need to extend the rear fender a bit to protect the rudder, but he didn’t have what I wanted. We’re sandwiched between Amy on Black Bryony and Gloria and Derek on Completely Foxed, so the 3 dogs, Dillon, Jake and Meg have a had a high old time chasing each other up and down the towpath. That is, until the rain came. We’d done well, with only a short sharp shower as we came down the flight, but knew we were on borrowed time. It’s faired up again now, but tomorrow is supposed to be appalling.

Mag’s eye view of the bottom lock
Moored up at the bottom, before the rain.

Locks 12, miles 1½

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