Thursday, August 28, 2008

The best laid plans of mice and men…… are subject to revision.

We set off this morning full of intentions to get to Alrewas. The Chinese takeaway was beckoning…..

It’s a beautiful run to Wood End Lock at this (or any other) time of year.
But long waits at the locks were frustrating, so we pulled in at Fradley, just past the services. The idea was to let the traffic die down a bit, but the boats kept coming and coming, so we decided to stay over.

Boats and gongoozlers at Fradley
Moored above Keepers Lock
We’re still short on our normal grocery supplies; there’s only so much you can carry any distance. So I checked up and booked a Tesco delivery for tomorrow morning. Hopefully, if he gets here early enough, we can get away and avoid some of the queues.

Locks 4, miles 2½

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