Monday, April 14, 2008

Wind, waves and groceries

We were up and through Pollington Lock before 10 this morning, moored at the other side of the lock ready for a Tesco delivery around lunchtime.
We’d already been disturbed by 2 large commercial boats going up through the lock, the gravel barge Heather Rose H and tanker Rix Owl. I don’t mind though, it’s good to see the bulk carriers still operating.

We had another go at Corbiere’s paintwork while we waited. A gravel barge from last year, Fusedale H, was moving back down to Goole and thence the Trent for another load.

Fusedale H at Pollington
Mr Tesco duly arrived, and we were on the move by about 14:00.
Approaching Whitley Lock we met both of the early risers coming back down the canal after discharging their cargoes.

Rix Owl

Heather Rose H and Corbiere in the distance.
It’s interesting surfing the wake of the deep draughted tankers. You can still feel the swell 10 minutes later.

The piling work to maintain the level of the canal continues apace as you near Whitley. This is necessary to combat mining subsidence.


The wind was getting quite strong by the time we reached Whitley, and we discussed calling it a day at the lock. But the noise of the M62 just a couple of hundred yards upwind decided us, and we moved on another ¾ mile to the Jolly Miller moorings at Eggborough.

Whitley Lock
Eggborough Moorings.
We been moored for about an hour when another loaded Rix tanker, Rix Phoenix, went past. She’ll probably be back down again first thing in the morning.

Rix Phoenix
Locks 2, miles 4½

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