Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Keadby to Thorne and a New Rain Hat...

We had a fairly uneventful day today, the long straights of these relatively modern barge canals are pretty uninspiring, the only excitement being the occasional swing or lift bridge.

Long straight bits
Carol and Sonja look happy
We got off at around 11:00, cloudy with a chilly breeze. The first obstacle was Vazon sliding railway bridge, which does just what it says on the tin. The bridge, with two railway lines on it, slides sideways to clear the navigation.

Vazon Rail Bridge
Apart from more recent additions, all of the bridges on this canal are lift or swing (or slide!). This is because when it was constructed, sailing keels were still in regular use in the area.

The only lift bridge today was at Wykewell, built on the same pattern as those on the Llangollen. But it’s mechanised, flashing lights and warbling sirens.

Into Thorne past Louis and Joshua Boatbuilders. They must offer moorings to boats they build, there were at least half-a-dozen of theirs moored alongside.

Louis and Joshua Boatbuilders, Thorne
The visitor moorings are located close to the town centre, adjacent to some newish housing. We pulled on here but Carol knocked her pins in on the opposite bank where there’s more vegetation for Reg the cat. We struggled to get on last year, having to wait in the channel for a ½ hour before a spot was vacated. This time there’s room for another 2 boats. We’ve actually seen 2 other boats moving today, a narrowboat from Goole and the local charity trip boat.

I’m disappointed with the local anglers. Along the canal are numbered pegs in the bank for fishing matches. They seen to have found an extra use as hooks for bags of rubbish left behind at the end of a day watching a float bobbing up and down. It surely wouldn’t be much effort to take them home for disposal, thus keeping the bank clean for future anglers? (or walkers, or cyclists, or anyone!)

Rubbish off the peg?
On a lighter note, the bow of Corbiere is sporting a snazzy sou’wester to keep the rain out!
Locks 0, miles 10.

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