Friday, April 04, 2008

On the move today at 12:00, after a few jobs. Into Retford where there’s a new building going up near Town Lock. Careless builders had dropped quite a bit of timber into the canal, mainly offcuts of 4x2, but a little further on I rescued a 2.5 metre length of planed 4x2, and then a plank of composite board, 4 inches thick, was too good to miss, but too heavy to haul on board.

It’s on the roof now, with Carol’s help at Whitsunday Pie Lock.
I’ve no use for either at present, but I’m sure we’ll think of something…..

We’re pretty well up to date with the mail as well, Carol’s mum arrived with it at Retford. Unfortunately it included a “Notice of Prosecution” for speeding as we entered Liverpool early on Sunday 2nd March for the Liverpool ½. I was hoping that the flash I saw in the mirror was just a reflection from another windscreen. Ah well.

After leaving Whitsunday Pie Lock (the name predates the canal, but was spelt “Pye”), we had a 6 mile run free of locks to Drakeholes Tunnel and the mooring there. Just a short stop at Retford and Worksop Boat Club in Clayworth for water etc.

Waiting for the tank to fill.
We were moored by 18:00, and will stay for the weekend. The forecast is for snow and wind, funny, that’s just what happened last time we stayed here…

Swan's Nest near Retford
Locks 3, miles 9½

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