Friday, April 18, 2008

Change of Canal and Flood Casualties

We stayed at Stanley Ferry yesterday. We’d travelled for four days on the trot, so were due a break. It was a handy spot for Sonja to come and visit, as well.

We were filling with water at 10:00 this morning. We wanted to get a relatively early start as the forecast indicated rain moving in soon after noon. It was pretty windy as we set off towards the first lock, Broadreach Lock, which takes us back onto the river.

Broadreach Lock

Back on the River Calder.

Judging by the debris in the bushes, the river rises quite high in flood.

A short while later we arrived at Fall Ing Lock. This marks the end of the Aire and Calder and the start of the Calder and Hebble. It was at this lock we could try out the home made handspikes I "knocked up” a week or so ago.

Our Nicholsons guide is out of date; the only gear on this lock takes a standard windlass.

Fall Ing Lock
We’d planned to visit the boatyard just past the lock, but that is now residential moorings, so we motored on along the cut to Wakefield Flood Lock. This was open as the river levels are OK, but contractors working on the banks in the area had to move a pontoon to allow us through. There’s a lot of redevelopment going on along Wakefield waterfront.

Wakefield Flood Lock
Wakefield Waterfront

We were off the river at Thornes Lock and it was here that the top gates are still fitted with the original gear that needs the handspike. Such excitement! It’s a good job the ground paddles use a windlass else we’d still be there now. The business end of the handspike needs a little modification……..
At Thornes Flood Lock we ran onto the river again for a short while, then back onto a 5 mile stretch of canal at Broadcut Low Lock.

It was here we spotted our SBDA winner.

Just 10 minutes further on is Broadcut Top Lock, which we went through before stopping. It just started to rain as we tied up, so that was good timing.

Good timing could hardly describe the boater who left NB Pipistrelle tied up near the top lock. It got caught in the January floods and has been in this position ever since! There’s no obvious damage, but it’ll cost a pretty penny to get back into the water.

NB Pipistrelle
Still, it’s a good opportunity to get her bottom blacked….
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