Thursday, April 24, 2008

Explanations as promised...

We’ve spent the day working on Corbiere, but I took a few minutes out to take pictures of the weed hatch as promised yesterday.

Carol busy, the dogs look on.
The weed hatch, or more appropriately named plastic bag, bits of rope and fishing line, and the odd duvet hatch, allows access to the prop from above for declogging.
A removable cover is clamped above a box structure over the prop, attached to this is another plate which prevents water spraying up, and completes the shape of the uxter, or swim plate, which makes the prop efficient.

The removable weed hatch….
Which fits in this hole.

The rusty plate at the bottom is the bit permanently under water, directly over the prop.
This is the area that has caused the noise. The near edge of the lower plate (arrowed) has been touching the inside of the box structure in the stern, vibrating in harmony with the prop rotation at certain revs and transmitting the noise into the hull.
It has now been modified (with an angle grinder!), and is now about ⅜ of an inch clear of the box. I’ve also removed a corner that may have been in contact.

You’ll have to wait till tomorrow to find out if it’s been a successful modification, or if it’s back to the drawing board.

While researching the vocabulary to make sure of the names, I came across this site. It gives a rare insight into how a modern narrowboat is constructed, from the ground up. The bits I’ve been talking about come under the stern build gallery.
Coincidentally, we passed this builder the other day…

Oh, and a PS....
Before I get another shin kicking - the photo I posted yesterday of Carol inspecting the ongoing repair on Corbiere's stem was not very flattering. She was wearing a baggy T shirt which makes her look rather dumpy, which is not the case. The camera angle, looking down, doesn't help, either.
Enough humble pie, Carol?

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