Sunday, April 06, 2008

We’ve had a quiet weekend, just pottering about really, doing bits and bobs around the boat. Spent midday today watching the 3rd round of the F1 season at Bahrain. Disappointing turnout from McLaren, they’re going to have to get their act together soon if they are to have a chance against Ferrari this year….

We had a bright morning so I gave Meg a good brushing. She puts up with it for so long, then starts to get wriggly. Got enough hair off her to knit a mini-Meg. At least it’s not going to finish up in the boat. Then we played ball for 20 minutes as a reward. We’ve had showers of rain, flurries of snow and clatters? rattles? of hail this afternoon. It’s just started snowing in earnest, settling on the fields but I don’t think it’ll stick.

Snowy Afternoon.

In the picture above you can see The White Swan Hotel, above the basin. Carol and Sonja recommend the food.

At night it’s lit up like a Christmas tree!

Heading down the last bit of the canal to West Stockwith tomorrow, and out onto the Trent again Tuesday morning, up to Keadby and the South Yorkshire Navigations.

We’ve really enjoyed this canal, a worthwhile detour off the Trent. Of course, there are the odd bits that are not so good, but overall it’s been a good trip, especially the last few miles. I think we’ll return, maybe when Norwood Tunnel is open?

If you’re thinking of making the diversion when heading north or south on the Trent, you can do worse than checking out the Trust’s excellent website.

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