Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We were in no rush to reach Fradley; the local coal man is delivering on Thursday, and I’m collecting a hire car for the weekend on Friday. So we decided to stay at Hopwas yesterday. The weather stayed dry and bright, but cool in the brisk wind.

The dogs enjoyed themselves on walks around Hopwas Wood.
After a chilly night we woke to blue skies again and the wind lighter, but cloud filled in a little in the afternoon. Still, it was mild in the sunny spells.

We got away just after 11:00, and had a steady cruise down to Fradley with a “shop stop” for a few bits and pieces at Whittington.

Signs of imminent Spring are everywhere:-

Green fields of winter wheat on Hopwas Hill
Gorse Bushes in Flower.
And a pair of frisky mallard drakes trying to “get it on” with a female (Hen? What do you call a female duck?). You can just see her head sticking out on the right.

We arrived at the moorings just before the junction at around 16:00, and I set off to walk Meg around the Nature Reserve. Who was moored just around the corner but No Problem, with Sue and Vic aboard. We’d not seen them since last November on the Shroppie. While we caught up with the news, Meg and Meg reacquainted themselves. Last year Sue’s Meg was a little smaller and was bowled over by our Meg. Now the position is reversed!
We took all 3 dogs around the Reserve before tea, and we’re going for a coffee later this evening.
It’s unlikely we’ll see them again this year; they’re heading for the River Nene while we’re heading north-ish, though undecided about the route as yet.

Locks 0, miles 8

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