Sunday, February 10, 2008

What a fine weekend it’s been. Cold, frosty nights and gorgeous sunny days. Meg and I have had some long walks over the farmland in the area.

Across the fields
Signs of spring are appearing – hawthorn blossom already!
A couple were out on Saturday taking their parrots for a walk!
Local badgers had been using the same muddy paths as us.
And Meg is happy to sit and watch the sheep, now. She no longer thinks of them as playmates!

On the move again tomorrow, back up towards Kingswood. I’ve arranged for a local coalman to deliver to us in the week at Lowsonford, and we’ll get a Tesco delivery at the same time.

Sunday Sunset at Wilmcote

Locks 0, miles 0 (by boat, but several on foot!).

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