Monday, February 25, 2008

Had a quiet day yesterday. I met the lockie and had a chat. He told me to watch out for the paddles on the bottom lock as they are leaking badly. We also put the world according to BW to rights.

Today we were getting ready to set off for Hopwas on the Coventry, when same lockie came along and told us that the bottom lock is to be repaired today, in fact starting NOW. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours, though.
So we hung on till 11:00, then I walked the short distance to lock 9, set it and left the gate open ready for Carol to lead the way. She’d just pulled off the mooring when a dozy women on a boat coming up opened both the lower paddles on the lock without checking. We lost about 8 inches of water out of the pound before the top gate slammed shut with a loud crash and spray of water. Luckily, there was no damage. When asked, she said she forgot to look. A good job our mate the lockie wasn’t around!

Anyway, we locked them up and sent them on their way up the flight, then we had an uneventful run down through the last 3. The BW repair crew had finished the job on the bottom lock by this time, so there was no hold up.

Leaving Curdworth Bottom Lock
A gentle cruise of 2½ miles to Fazeley Junction, where we filled with water etc.

Drayton Footbridge, near Drayton Manor Park

Carol pulled in to Fazeley Mill Marina for diesel, and decided to fill up with water at the same time. She’d bought one of those lay-flat hoses on a reel you wind, nice and compact but I wouldn’t have one given. The problem is you have unwind the whole damn thing, even if the tap is only 6 feet away!

Here’s Carol wrestling with the hose while waiting for the fuel.
Turning left at the junction takes us onto the Coventry Canal, and we cruised for another 2½ miles before arriving at Hopwas. We moored just on the north side of the village, while Carol stayed near to the Tame Otter, to be more convenient for Sonja arriving tonight.

The day started fine and sunny after frost, but deteriorated later, becoming windy and cold.

Locks 3, miles 6

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