Tuesday, February 05, 2008

We had just a short cruise today, up to Bridge 63 to catch up with Carol and Sonja (note the corrected spelling….).

The morning was dry and sunny, and pretty mild, but clouds rolled in at lunchtime and we’ve had very heavy showers this afternoon.

Shrewley Tunnel is interesting, dead straight and very wet through the ridge below Shrewley Common. On the west side is a towpath tunnel up to the road on the ridge, from where it runs past a couple of fields and back down to the path at the east portal.

Shrewley Tunnel west and Towpath Tunnel.
The Towpath Tunnel
And from the road… Spot the ghostly dog on the left?

Aw - It’s only Meg with the camera flash reflected in her eyes!

On Bridge 59 is a board advertising the shop up in Shrewley. Follow the TOE path??

It’s a pleasant rural stretch along here, but the murmur of traffic on the nearby M40 is constantly in the background.

Near our stop there’s a field full of goats.
I don’t think this one’s seen may boats……

Locks 0, miles 2¾

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