Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Heavy rain overnight left a legacy of deep puddles but also clear blue skies.
We didn’t get away from Turners Green till nearly noon, heading towards Kingswood Junction.

Away from Turners Green
Kingswood is unusual in that the main lines of the 2 joining canals don’t actually meet. They approach to within a hundred yards of each other, and are linked by a short section of cut which we used to take us to the Stratford Canal.

Lapworth Link, from the Grand Union to the Stratford Canal.
Leaving Kingswood, Lock 22. It seems very small after the Grand Union locks!
Leaving the junction, the canal enters quiet open country, the locks often accompanied by unusual barrel-roofed lock-keepers cottages.

Cottage at Dicks Lock. This one’s for sale, a cool £620k.Interested? Click here.

The only interruption to the peace was passing under the M40. It’s this motorway we’ve heard for the last couple of days. We’re leaving it behind now.

Lock 27 (Lapworth Bottom Lock) and the M40 bridge.
We finished the day moored in the village of Lowsonford.

It’s been a beautiful day, warm out of the wind, almost springlike. Everywhere you look there’s snowdrops and daffodils pushing up. No lambs spotted yet though.

Locks 9, miles 3½.

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