Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We’ve been stuck here since Saturday, with the ice on the canal getting thicker. It’s a pleasant spot though, and we’ve plenty of supplies, so it’s no hardship. The weather has been glorious through the day after early mist, and way below zero at night.

Early Morning MistFrozen Flower Head
Frozen in
Meg and I have spent a lot of time exploring the surrounding area, and playing ball on the towpath. When the ball goes in the canal (and it does, frequently) it raises a whole new load of recovery problems when the water is frozen bank to bank…

It goes a lot further out, for a start…
The weather changed overnight, no frost, and, although we’ve not seen much sun today, it’s been fairly mild. So the ice is starting to thin. I spent a few minutes breaking it up alongside the boat ready for an early start tomorrow. We’re going to meet Carol on NB Corbiere at Catherine de Barnes, then head into Solihull, aiming to get to the other side of Minworth before stopping. It’ll be a long day.

Locks 0, Miles 0


Anonymous said...

Look here

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Sorry. Look please here

Geoff & Mags - said...

Thanks Fox, but everything in the Viruscan department is now rosy again.
Regards, Geoff