Monday, March 03, 2008

We’ve not traveled so far since last Wednesday, only 2 miles in fact. At least, by water. We’ve done 500 miles by road, though.

Thursday we had a lazy day, we just took Carol’s boat through to the junction, collected a load of solid fuel from the Ray the local coalman, then reversed it back through the swing bridge and moored up again to split the delivery between the 2 boats.

Picked up Sue from No Problem, and we took the dogs for a walk up through and beyond Fradley Wood.

Sue, Lucy, Meg and Meg.
Friday I was off at 10:30 to Lichfield to collect a hire car for the weekend, then straight up to Ingleton to collect the mail and my entry details and race number for the Liverpool ½ marathon on Sunday. That took most of the day.

Saturday morning we moved down onto the Trent and Mersey, just 1 lock and about 500 yards, but it’s easier for Mags to get to the car. Then we went shopping before settling down for an early night.

The alarm went off at 04:30 on Sunday morning and an hour later we were on our way North. Arrived and parked up in Liverpool in plenty of time to catch the shuttle bus, which dropped us off at the start of the race in Sefton Park at just after 08:00. I spent a chilly 1½ hours waiting for the gun (Mags stayed with Meg back in the car) in the cool wind. But at least the sun was out.

Windswept Sefton Park at the start
By just after 12:00 I was back at the car, having run the 13.1 miles in 01:41:32, another PB and 8 minutes faster than the same race last year! Was I chuffed or what!
I knew about it by the time I’d driven the 100 miles back to Fradley though. A bit stiff trying to get out of the car.

Runners crossing the finish line
This morning, once again sunny but windy, we set off down to Alrewas, arriving before 2. I’m going to reward myself with a takeaway from the Chinese in the village tonight.

Hunts Lock, Leaving Fradley Junction

Moored In Alrewas
Alrewas weir and NB GENTLE WINDS on the river section
We’ve had a “council of war”, and decided to take both boats to Manchester starting now. But by a very roundabout route. We’re going via the Trent (with an excursion to Worksop on the Chesterfield Canal to see Carol’s Mum), the South Yorkshire Navigations, Aire and Calder, Calder and Hebble, and finally, all being well, crossing over the Pennines to Manchester on the Rochdale Canal. I say all being well ‘cause the Rochdale is closed at the moment. If it doesn’t reopen in time, we’ll use the Huddersfield Narrow instead. According to Canal Planner, 257 miles and 191 locks. All so I can run a 10k in Manchester City centre! Should be fun, anyway……..

Locks 5, miles 2

Just checked Sue's post on No Problem, she's found this info on the proposed changes to the supply of red diesel to us boaters in November.

Here's another one......

And the official HMRC Document.
It looks like we may be paying more for cheap low grade red diesel than for higher quality DERV available at the roadside.
And I wonder where the estimated £10-15 million earned in extra revenue is going to go? Not to DEFRA to help with supporting BW grant-in-aid, I'll bet.
Still, at least we'll be able to buy rebated fuel for heating and lighting. Could be some "constructive accounting" when calculating the proportions used for domestic and propulsion uses, methinks.

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