Friday, March 07, 2008

Had to do a bit of shopping at the Co-op this morning, so didn’t get moving until 10:45. Another bright and breezy day.
The new aerial didn’t perform that well, but Willington is a poor test area. We’ll try again as we get nearer to Nottingham.
It’s not a big problem, if I can’t get reception on the aerial I put up the satellite dish. It’s not often we can’t get line-of-sight to the “spot in the sky” from somewhere on the roof. But it’s just easier setting up the aerial.

The first lock was Stenson, the first and deepest of the wide locks on this, the last 10 miles of the Trent and Mersey. I imagine these locks, from the Trent, were built wide to accommodate barges up from the river to Burton on Trent for the breweries.

Stenson Lock.
Before Stenson there’s a new marina being constructed, due to be open in September. Several boats were displaced from the linear mooring seen in the picture. Some of them can be found moored on the towpath in the area, presumably waiting for berths in the marina.

Mercia Marina
Saw this steamer crossing over the canal just above Stenson.
Carol’s dad used to be a foreman for BW, and lived in the house at Swarkeston, not far from the lock.

Carol’s Dad’s Old House
Swarkestone Lock

We had a half hour stop after Weston lock for a late lunch and to let the dogs stretch their legs, then pressed on, arriving at Shardlow around 17:00. Carol stopped in the village, we went through and moored at our regular spot above Derwent Mouth lock.

There’s been a few more boats around today, mostly Canaltime rentals out of Sawley. Speaking to a couple of the crews, they were on 3 day breaks, aiming to get to Burton and back before Sunday.
There’ll be a lot more about in a couple of week’s time, but by then we should be on the Chesterfield Canal.

Locks 5, miles 11½.

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