Friday, November 30, 2007

Walked back towards Fradley with Meg this morning, past NB TIMEWARP. We’ve chatted to Tony and Jacquie before, when we’ve been moored near them. While the dogs played (they have a German Shepherd called Cally), we caught up, and J gave me the number of a coal merchant who is prepared to deliver to boats in Fradley. Convenient, and cheaper than the boatyard. We’ll give him a call when we get back there next week. It was Tony who recommended the Chinese Takeaway in Alrewas, and I wasn’t disappointed.

We got away from Alrewas at around 11, through the lock and onto the river section. The warning boards on the upstream end said “Proceed With Caution”, while those on the downstream end said “Open As Usual”. It’s safer going upstream I guess?

Alrewas Lock
Through Wychnor Lock and back onto non-flowing canal, where we picked up a load of rubbish on the prop, flicked off with a quick burst in reverse, then on to Barton Turns where the new restaurant and shop complex called The Waterside is now open. The marina is packed with boats as well.

A half hour later saw us at Tattenhill Lock, arriving just as a boat was leaving the chamber, so we went straight in, then another 10 minutes to Branston Water Park, our stop for the weekend. The moorings right next to the park were nearly empty, but we prefer to moor the other side of the bridge where there’s not so many walkers passing by and the towpath is wider. It looks like everyone else had the same idea, but we managed to slot in between 2 boats with 6 inches to spare.

It’s been dry but breezy today, but judging by the forecast, we’ll be battening down the hatches this weekend.

Locks 4, miles 5

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