Monday, December 03, 2007

It was a bit bumpy over the weekend! High winds and heavy showers had us rocking a bit, but we were well secured and anything that could blow off was tied down. I managed walk Meg in the (mainly) dry spells, but was not so lucky on my Sunday morning run.

Today, with the weather improving, we decided to head into Burton on Trent, to Horninglow Basin and the water point and winding hole, and then back to Branston.

Mooring near Branston, bright Monday morning after the wet and windy weekend.

Burton still lives up to it’s reputation as the UK’s primary brewery town, but the 31 independent producers in it’s heyday have now been reduced to only a few.

Marstons Brewery is near the canal.

Horninglow Basin, once a major wharf, is now a shadow of it’s former self, being chopped off by the construction of the A38. Still, they used the resulting wall for an attractive mural.

Horninglow Basin.
We had a bit of trouble turning around to come back to Branston, we had to reduce the overall length of the boat by lifting the fenders at each end!

The weather started bright and sunny, but clouds started to build up around noon, and the rest of the day was sunny spells and odd showers. We just got moored up again when the heavens opened and the wind increased, I’m glad we’d stopped else we’d probably have been blown onto the bank anyway.

Locks 4, miles 5

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