Friday, December 14, 2007

Spent a couple of days at Polesworth. Good shopping in the village, and some long walks with Meg. The weather remains good, frosty nights but fine and sunny days.

Frost and Ice near Polesworth
We moved down from Polesworth yesterday, just a short trip to near the water point at Bradley Green. Bright in the morning after overnight frost, turning overcast at lunchtime then brightening again later.

Another hard frost overnight last night, the 4th consecutive night we’ve had a frozen canal! Got away at 11:00, 5 minutes to the water point, then into the bottom lock of the Atherstone flight by 11:40.

Only one other boat in the flight, a plastic cruiser coming down met above lock 7. This meant the rest of the locks were in our favour, and we cleared the top lock at 5 minutes to 2.

Lock 9
Lots of new housing near Lock 4
Atherstone Top Lock
2 miles and 50 minutes later we were tying up near Hartshill just down from the BW maintenance yard. No room on the official moorings, so we’re on the grass towpath. It’s not too bad here, but further along it’s like a ploughed field, just mud and icy puddles.
It’s felt very cold today, we’ve not had the benefit of the sunshine like we’ve had the last couple of days. Overcast and feeling damp.

Locks 11, miles 4

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