Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Just had a short cruise down to the junction yesterday, filled and emptied as required, turned around and came back to our mooring spot.

The Greyhound at Hawkesbury Junction.

Meg's enjoyed herself while we've been here. On the opposite side of the canal is what used to be a colliery spoil heap, then a golf course, now just a large landscaped area of grassland and bushes. The locals exercise their dogs here, so she was in her element.

Today we set off at around 11:15, back up to Marston Junction and turned right onto the Ashby Canal.

Onto the AshbyIt’s slow going on this canal as it’s so shallow. If you try to go faster you just create a lot of wash and noise with no increase in speed. So plodding along at 2 mph for another hour took us to our mooring just south of Burton Hastings.

Near Burton HastingsJust 3 miles tomorrow will take us to Trinity Marina in Hinckley, where we’ve got a berth for a week. I’ve organised a hire car too, and we’ll be shuttling back and forth to see my family near Loughborough.

It’s been another cold day today. No frost for 2 nights now, but the easterly wind feels like it’s coming from Siberia! Occasional glimpses of the sun raised the spirits but not the temperature.

Locks 0, Miles 5½

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