Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We had a hard frost overnight, but even so I was surprised to see the canal iced over outside the window!

Frozen Donald
But with the clear skies, the frost and ice soon cleared, to make a beautiful day.

It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This – Blue Skies, Frost on the Cabin Top and a Smokey Chimney.
Towards Fazeley I spotted today’s winner of the Seen Better Days Award. A wooded hulled cruiser, sitting on the bottom between 2 plastic boats.

SBDA Winner
Someone’s ready for Christmas and Glascote Locks in Sunny Tamworth.

We ended the day at Polesworth, after a long (by our standards) day of 5 hours.

As I said before, a beautiful day, cold out of the sun but fairly warm in it. “Fairly warm” being of course a relative term, it is December! But now the wind has dropped and the rain has cleared off it still feels warmer. The forecast says this is set for most of the week. Great.

Locks 2, miles 11

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