Monday, December 10, 2007

We hung around Fradley till today, waiting for the stoppage on the Coventry to re-open, and the weather to improve.

It’s been a little bit wild, very wet and windy, but we were fine, moored on the VM at the junction. Organised a delivery of Excel smokeless fuel from the local coalman as well, 10 bags for £66 was £14 cheaper than the local boatyard! Thanks Tony and Jacqui for the telephone number.

We needed diesel, so I made a few phone calls today, to boatyards in the vicinity. 63p/Lt here at Swan Line at Fradley, 67p at Fazely Mill, and a whopping 68.5p at Streethay Wharf! To put it in perspective, we last filled on the 6th November at Wheaton Aston on the Shroppie, and paid 49.8p/Lt.
Needless to say, we filled at Fradley.

After emptying the loos, and filling water and fuel, it was past midday, and we had a gentle cruise down to Whittington, arriving soon after 14:00.

Streethay Wharf, home of the 68.5p/Lt diesel. But look at the sky!
We came through Huddlesford Junction, where the canal had been closed till last weekend to enable repair work on a culvert. Looks like final tidying up is still in progress.
Still, Network Rail haven’t finished their bit yet, from when they widened the railway bridge.
Moored just outside Whittington. Those houses weren’t there last time we were here!
A bit of essential shopping tomorrow, and post some more Christmas cards, then down to Fazely and through Tamworth.

Locks 3, miles 6.

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