Thursday, November 29, 2007

We’ve had an uneventful week or so around Fradley Junction. The weather has been OK, mostly fine with a few rainy spells. Shade House itself is still for sale, a nice property, but at 700k a nice price too!

Moored at Shade House.
We stayed up at Shade House Lock till Tuesday, then moved on down 3 locks to the sanitary station near the junction, pausing en route to get 4 bags of smokeless from Swan Line. Then another 50 yards or so, across the cut and moored alongside the nature reserve. Also picked up Mags’ prescription which we’d had sent to the Information Centre (thanks Yvonne)

Organised a Tesco grocery delivery which arrived yesterday just after lunch, but, by the time we’d packed everything away, it was a bit late to move off, so we stayed another night.

A fine bright day today, and we were off at around 11:30, after a final visit to the water point. Just 4 locks and 1½ miles took us to Alrewas, were we’ll stay tonight. I need to go to the Chemist to get Mags’ prescription filled, and the Chinese Takeaway comes highly recommended!

Moored just against the bowling green, near the church.

While we were at Fradley, we met Dave with his dog Simba, who we’d come across last Spring. The dogs remembered each other, and enjoyed each other’s company.

For the week, locks 7, miles 2 and a bit.

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