Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another short trip today. The morning started gloomy, and, although I managed to walk Meg without getting wet, steady drizzle soon set in. We waited till about noon, when a touch of brightness in the sky implied an improvement. A stop at the water point, then down Penkridge Lock.

The respite proved to be short-lived, however. Inside an hour the rain was back, not continuous but in heavy showers. We carried on for a bit, then pulled over just below Park Gate Lock.

Longford Lock
Under the M6 for the last time, I reckon. Spot the calf on the left?
Here's his mates.. The one on the right isn’t blowing bubbles…
It’s just a drop of water on the lens. Or maybe ectoplasm?
I made a quick trip into Midland Chandlers, conveniently beside the lock, for some brass strip and a replacement cabin hook for the back doors. The strip is for the back hatch, to improve it's “slideability”.

Then we pushed on another ½ mile or so, and moored just below Shutt Hill Lock. We could have stayed at Park Gate, but it was alongside the road (handy for a grocery delivery though, must make a note of that…) and too close to the temptation of the chandlery. That under cupboard freezer looks useful…. Maybe for next year.

PS. It's bad news for those on the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal. A breach in October has led to a major assessment by BW, the results of which indicate that the canal may be closed for all of next year. See this. Evidence of the impact of funding cuts, maybe.

Locks 4, miles 2.

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