Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Today started out overcast after a chilly night, but dry. The forecast is for sunny spells later, so we’ll look forward to that. We woke up surrounded by fishermen. I guess this is a popular spot for them.

Got away around 10:15, and 1½ miles took us to Deptmore Lock. We followed the valley of the River Penk from Penkridge, and the water meadows attract a lot of wildlife. We spotted several robins, a lot of squirrels (greys, though) and a couple of buzzards. A least I think they were buzzards.

Almost from the off, and all the way to Deptmore Lock, we were escorted by this young swan. He turned and headed back as soon as we reached the lock. I think he was making sure we didn’t get up to any mischief!

Swan Escort

Deptmore Lock
It’s attractive on this stretch, but it gets better as the canal swings eastward on it’s last leg to the Trent and Mersey. This section winds along the Sow valley, crossing the river on a squat aqueduct, before reaching the idyllic setting of Tixall Lock.

River Sow Aqueduct
Tixall Lock
We stopped at around 14:00 on Tixall Wide, about ½ a mile before Great Haywood Junction. We plan on staying here a couple of days.

Tixall Wide
We had a call from Carol on NB Corbiere who we spent some time with last winter on the Soar and the Leicester Section down to Market Harborough. We’re going to try to meet up, but at the moment we’re on opposite sides of the Trent and Mersey winter stoppages. I’m sure we’ll work something out, though.

Locks 2, miles 7.

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