Monday, November 12, 2007

We stopped at Gailey for the weekend. The weather was iffy, drizzly on Saturday, and showery yesterday. I got a few odd jobs done, and had an explore of the area with Meg.
I gave Meg’s fringe a trim, so she could see where she is going. Here she is posing.

Last night was a hard frost, the coldest it’s been so far. But this morning was one of those crystal clear ones, cold and bright.

We moved off at 10:20, straight into Brick Kiln Lock as it was vacated by a boat coming up.
The next lock is the unfortunately named Bogg’s Lock, followed shortly by Rodbaston Lock, only a stone’s throw from the M6.

Bogg’s Lock

Otherton Lock and the Boat Haven saw us turn our backs on the hurrying traffic, and we were shortly in Penkridge. Through Filance Lock, and we moored just above Penkridge Lock, in the centre of the town. I made a couple of shopping excursions, one for groceries which was successful, and another to the DIY shop, which was a waste of time.
Meg has an appointment to see the local Vet for her annual MOT and boosters this evening, it’s only 5 minutes walk from here, and I don’t know when we’ll have a better opportunity.
We’re stopping here tonight, I’ll make another shopping run tomorrow, then we’ll be on our way.

Penkridge has an interesting history, it has a dubious claim to having been the capital of England under Saxon King Edgar in 958. Have a look at the excellent website .

Locks 5, miles 2½

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