Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We said goodbye to Sue and Vic and the dogs this morning.

No Problem Leaving, Sue on the bank with the dogs.
It’s been really good to meet them, it’s no wonder they’ve so many boating friends around the country. We’ll look for them again in the Spring on the South Oxford. Just now though, they’re heading back up towards Norbury, while we head South towards Autherley Junction and the Staffs and Worcester Canal.

Pups playing, Lucy being aloof.

So we set off ourselves a little later, with a first stop at Brewood. On the way we passed over Telford’s Stretton Aqueduct, which carries the canal over Watling Street. (Doesn’t that sound so much better than “the A5”….)
We moored on the VM at Brewood and had a stroll round the village. An attractive place, with lots of interesting buildings.

Speedwell Castle, in the middle of the village, built around 1740

Unfortunately the moorings are once again in a cutting, so, rather than stop overnight here, we pressed on down towards Chillington Park.

Avenue Bridge, leading to the park.
We stopped for the night not much further on, just past bridge 9.

Another dry day, but a sneaky wind has arrived, and will be bringing some rain tomorrow.

Locks none, miles 4

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