Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yesterday we planned to service at the Sanitary Station just outside Ellesmere, then down the short arm into the town. If we can get a mooring, we were going to shop, then move out, heading on towards Whitchurch.
Well we followed the plan up to and including the shopping, but decided to stay overnight. The presence of a Chinese Takeaway was the deciding factor for me!
There’s a good shopping centre, here, and it’s a pleasant place to walk around.

Looking for a mooring on the Ellesmere Arm
Ellesmere Basin
Several buildings around the basin, including the old dairy, have been demolished to make way for a “mixed use development”.
I’m pleased to see the old warehouse has been reprieved.

In the morning we tried to ring Carol, another friend, and daughter of Val and John who visited us at Moore. She’s now living and working near Wrexham, only about 12 miles away.
Anyway, we finally got to talk, and arranged for her and her friend Amanda to come down to see us this evening.

So we had a blitz inside the boat, and I got on with a long overdue cut and polish on the outside of the cabin. Until I develop the knack of walking on water I can only do one side at a time, so the right hand side will have to wait!

With the visit, we’ll stop a second night here. The moorings are 72 hour, so we won’t be overstaying.

Locks none, miles 1

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