Sunday, June 10, 2007

The towpath here is busy with walkers, and the water busy with boats so we decided to move on for a bit and find a quieter spot.
So we set off at around 11:25, through the next 3 locks and stopped on a 48 hour mooring not far past bridge 25.

It was going to get noisy later near Povey’s Lock, with this Grass Track meeting just getting under way....
Willeymoor Lock Tavern. Right next to the lock (as the name implies…)
Moored for the night.
Overcast today, cooler with brief glimpses of the sun around midday. We stopped about 13:30, so I made a start on the changes to be done in the “engine room”.

Now the washing machine is in the galley, I can change things around a little. On the right I’m fitting a new door and some shelves for “ready use” bits and bobs. And where the washer was will be coat hanging space.
I’m then going to reconfigure the controls and instrument panel, so I can see the important gauges from the tiller position.

Locks 3, miles 2½

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