Friday, June 15, 2007

Stayed put yesterday – it rained all day. For a change, didn’t do anything, either. Just sat about reading.
We did arrange to call in to Orchard Marina to finally sort out the oil pressure gauge, and arranged a Tesco home delivery for while we were there.

The cygnets are growing fast.
So we left the Flashes at 10:15, and arrived at the marina at 10:45, just as our 11:00 Tesco delivery finished unloading into Mike’s garage! Better than being late, I suppose.
Of course, it was another 4 hours before we got under way again, but we did top up with smokeless fuel, gas and diesel, and I purloined a ¼ sheet of oak faced MDF to put some shelves in where the washer used to live. And the oil pressure gauge is giving sensible readings.

Through Northwich with a quick stop to get a Father’s Day card, then moored at our usual spot near Marbury Country Park.

The day started showery, but brightened up. It’s looking a bit threatening now, though.

Locks none, miles 4½

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