Monday, June 11, 2007

A better start to the day, today. Fine and bright.
Away at around 10:30, and a ½ hour run to Marbury Lock. A bit of a queue, but soon we were through, and cruising on to Wrenbury.

A quick passage through the lift bridge, only had half a dozen cars waiting by the time it was back in position.

Wrenbury Mill and Lift Bridge
Stopped after the bridge to pop into the village for bread and milk.

Got off again at about 12:30, and after a quiet morning, it suddenly got very busy with boats. We had a gentle run down to the 3 locks at Baddiley. We were following another boat, so had to fill each lock before we could go through, but we weren’t in any hurry.

Queue at Baddiley No 3 lock
We pulled over for the night about 10 minutes after the last lock. All alone on the mooring for a while, but by 18:00 there were another 4 boats with us.

It’s been very hot in the sun this afternoon, so I left it a while before doing a bit of varnishing in the engine room, then cutting and polishing the RH side of the boat. Both sides done, now. She certainly looks better.

Locks 4, miles 6.

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