Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We’d already decided to stay put on Sunday, not because of the weather (although it wasn’t brilliant) but to avoid the crowds. On Monday morning, the weather was appalling, strong wings and horizontal rain. So we stayed where we were for another day. Very little movement on the canal, only hire boats who need to keep to a schedule.
The news is full of the flooding, pretty well nationwide. I’m glad we’re on the canal rather than on a river.
I even put the chimney back up and lit the fire!

Today dawned fine and dry, but with a chilly wind from the NW. We got off at 10:00, and by 14:00 were moored up on the 48 hour moorings near Red Bull. A lot more boats on the move today, taking advantage of the break in the weather.

Paddle gear on the Red Bull flight.
Lock 45, Red Bull
Had a chat with a chap who’d bent his rudder in a lock and needed a boatyard to sort it out. He’d passed the junction to the Macclesfield Canal which would have taken him to Red Bull Boatyard, and his next chance would be at Malkins Bank. Although he has a bow thruster, he didn’t think he’d be able to turn right round to go back. Hope he gets sorted, his wife didn’t look best pleased. They are out for the summer, but this could put a hole in their plans, not to mention their budget!

Locks 14, miles 4½

I forgot to mention that when I logged on tonight for my email, there were 27 stoppage alerts from BW! I think 15 were for navigation closures due to high water levels, including the Trent, Severn, Soar and Aire, and even warnings on some canals, including this one, where the Trent joins and leaves it at Alrewas!
The remainder included a lot for trees down, mainly on the Shroppie, probably due to waterlogged ground. I think that there are going to be a few hire boats late back to base this week!

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