Saturday, June 09, 2007

We decided to move on for 2 or 3 hours today. The morning was bright and warm by 07:30, heralding a fine sunny day.
Away around 10:00, into a day of bridges and locks, 4 lift bridges, 13 fixed bridges and 6 locks.

Fairly quiet today, less boats moving than yesterday. I reckon that most of the hire boats are back in their bases for turn round day.
Gentle cruise down and through Hassel’s No 2 lift bridge, and I walked the ¼ mile or so to No 1 to get it ready. Mags arrived, and so did 3 other boats from both directions, so we waved them through before closing the bridge.

Hassel’s No 2 lift bridge.
Another boat returned the favour at the next lift bridge, so we went straight through and on to Grindley Brook. A short wait, then an uneventful run down the 3 lock staircase.

Coming down Grindley Brook staircase.
This is followed by 3 single locks, and we had to wait for a boat coming up the middle one. Unfortunately, as the pound was drained to fill the lock, Mags and Seyella were left sitting on a mud bank! She was not a happy bunny…
I tactfully chose not to take a photo, instead braved nettles of Amazonian proportions to get back on board and retrieve the situation.

After all the excitement we decided to call it a day at the bottom of the flight, so moored on the 48 hour visitor moorings just past the railway bridge.

Locks 6, miles 5

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