Sunday, June 17, 2007

A bit of a panic this morning. On our morning walk, Meg dived into some bushes chasing a bird, and disappeared. The area around the boat lift is all reclaimed woodland, with pathways running through. I spent the next 10 minutes quartering the area to no avail.
So I decided to go back to the boat, keeping an eye out on route, and if there was still no sign, I’d leave my jacket and camera and run the area.
On to the towpath, and there’s Meg, sat at the front of the boat! She must have realised we’d got separated, so came back to wait for me. We had a very relieved reunion, believe me!

We went off again, keeping a close eye on each other, and went down to the river to have a look at the lift from that side.

Anderton Lift from the Weaver.
We set off at 09:40, aiming to get to Saltersford Tunnel to catch the end of the transit “window”, around 10:10. Only just made it, after waiting for a couple of boats to clear Barnton Tunnel first.

Barnton TunnelOn to and through Preston Brook Tunnel, 3 boats in front and one behind made it a bit smelly with fumes, but not too bad. I intended to stop at Midland Chandlers under the M Way bridge. But surprisingly they were shut. There’s nothing pressing, so we’ll pick up what we need somewhere else.

Stopped for the day at 13:30, just after Red Brow underbridge, now on the Bridgewater.

Locks 1, miles 8½.

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