Friday, February 02, 2007

What a cracking day! Had a relaxing morning, after Meg’s walk. Yes, she did get covered in mud again, but we found a clean stream not far from the boat for her to paddle most of it off. Then sat in the bow in the sun for an hour, with Meg lying on the bank.

We needed to move, however, so got away at 12:00, down to Sutton Cheney wharf for the services. Then down to Ashby boats to pick up a spare cassette for the loo and some timber for some more cupboards that I’d ordered last week. Pulled up at Basin bridge, no 22, where we’ll stay for the weekend. I’ll make a start on those cupboards. The forecast is for dry, bright weather for the next few days, but frosty overnight.

Saw a water vole on the edge of the bank near bridge 27, it flopped into the water and kept pace alongside for several yards. Once again, not quick enough with the camera, though.

Just before we moored, a boat coming towards us turned out to be “Maggie May II”, last seen at Braunston after sharing the locks early in January. They are heading up to Snarestone.

Locks none, miles 5.

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