Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stayed at Hartshill yesterday, had a good training run then tried out the pistol drill I bought at Tesco. I’m making some “doughnuts” out of 20mm thick beech, to go between the light fittings and the deckhead (ceiling, to land-lubbers). This will allow more room for insulation directly above the fittings. The drill performed OK, but struggled a bit with the 95mm hole saw. I’ll have to take it easy.

Did a bit of shopping at the useful store up in Hartshill (a pull up the hill, but easier coming down loaded) and then away at about 10:00 this morning. Around 50 minutes to Atherstone top lock. Still signs of quarrying on the West side of the canal.

Quarrymans cottages

A very quick run down through the Atherstone flight, 11 locks in 2¼ hours. We were accompanied by a family out for a walk, and Thomas, the youngster, helped me with the locks. Thanks, Thomas! He had a short trip on the boat, with a go on the tiller.

Used the sanitary station at Bradley Green bridge for the usual offices, then moored about ½ mile further on at about 14:00.

We’ve seen 4 other boats moving today, 1 hire boat from Stoke Golding and 2 private boats South, 1 other going North.
Locks 11
Miles 4½

Just checked back; these are the first locks we’ve done since Hawkesbury Junction stop lock on the 11th January!

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