Monday, February 26, 2007

A mild, showery weekend, so we stayed at Whittington till today. Got a lot of wood cut, with Chris and Tim wielding chain saws and me carrying lumps of wood about.
We look like real live-aboard boaters now, with wood and coal on the roof.

Didn’t get away till midday, after 2 trips up into the village for supplies and had a gentle run up to Fradley. We’d intended to go through the junction and moor nearer to Alrewas, but although the day was bright and dry, a stiff breeze from the NW was cold and made boat handling difficult on exposed stretches. So I called it a day just after 14:00, close to the junction.

Work continues on the West Coast Main Line at Huddlesford Junction. In the light of recent events, let's hope they double check all the fixings.....
NB Reckless at Streethay Wharf. See Andrew Denny’s blog at for more info.

It’s a pleasant spot, so we’ll stop here for a couple of days. I took Meg for a walk around Fradley reservoir, now a nature reserve run by BW.
This was built to save surplus water from the Trent and Mersey running into the Coventry canal. Such was the competition between the different canal companies.

Sunset on the reservoir.

Locks none, miles 5.

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