Monday, February 12, 2007

We stayed over near Burton Hastings for the weekend. Last weeks snow turned to rain on Saturday night, with the temperature up to around 8°.

Near Burton Hastings
The good news is that the ice has melted on the canal, the bad news is that it’s also melted on the towpaths, changing them into something resembling a quagmire in places.


I finally got my cupboards finished, and am pleased with the result.

Kitchen Cupboards We were away from our mooring early today, before 10:00! Headed down to Marston Junction and said goodbye to the Ashby Canal for a while. Turned south towards and past Hawkesbury, winded near bridge 7 and stopped for a big shop at Tesco’s. it took me 2 trips to get everything on the list, but we are self sufficient again for a while. A little shorter in the wallet, though!

Back up to Hawkesbury for water, and loo and rubbish disposal, and moored, facing north, at around 16:15.

The day started bright, but cloud filled in later in the day and we had a couple of heavy showers. The forecast is for the same for a couple of days. The long run today has given the batteries a good charge. We’ve seen 3 other boats moving today, 2 heading north and 1 going into Coventry like us for shopping.

Locks none
Miles 9½

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